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Passive smoking and heart disease

July 11, 2008

More people die of smoking related heart disease than lung cancer. A ten-year study done in California revealed that wives of current or former smokers had a higher death rate from heart disease than did women whose husbands did not smoke. (American Journal of Epidemiology 121:645-50, 1985) Tobacco continues to be the number one health hazard in the United States, causing or making worse a host of diseases. Copyright 1985 Phylis Austin


Insulin therapy and heart disease

July 7, 2008

Intensive insulin therapy leads to weight gain in some diabetics, and those individuals are apparently at increased risk of heart disease. About one-third of diabetics in this study group became obese during insulin therapy. This weight gain makes it more difficult to control the diabetes, and increases the risk of heart attack. Diabetics already have a four-fold increase in risk of heart disease; the insulin-induced weight gain increases the risk even more. (Journal of the American Medical Association 280(2)140-146, 1998) Editorial note: Insulin is the most effective appetite stimulant we know. This may be even more serious in Type II diabetics who are often put on high doses of insulin. Most Type II diabetics are already overweight. Copyright 1998 Phylis Austin